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About Us

Over 15 years

Of Experience

Teaching Behind The Wheel

Andy first started teaching friends to drive off road in 2000. This new found love of teaching people to drive led Andy to start his Driving Instructor training in 2003.


During this time Andy also spent two years teaching with Land Rover 's own off road driving experience.


In 2009 Andy joined a large driving school full time. After a couple of years Andy realised that the company was becoming less about the students and more about the financial side so decided to set up the Andy Marr Driving School.


The Andy Marr Driving School philosophy is to teach each student to drive to the best of their ability, not just to pass their driving test. The Andy Marr Driving School also teaches skills that are not required for the test but will aid the students driving for life, such as driving in the dark and driving on dual carriage ways.

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